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Posting 4: 14/04/2006.

Well things didn’t turn out as badly as they could. At the end of my previous post I was facing a cold night under canvas followed by a chilly morning packing away a (probably) wet tent.  As I was tucking in to my tortilla con choritzo (which by the way was the first proper meal I'd had  since the day before yesterday) the lady that looks after the refugio came over to me and said it would be too cold to sleep in the tent and that I could sleep on the floor of the refugio!  I can tell you I was overjoyed. It wasn't ideal sleeping on the floor of course but it was so much better than it could have been!
I am now over 200 km's from Santiago.  Have done a couple of mammoth (for me) days.  Stayed in a beautiful but crowded Monastery at Samos.  The next day did a very short walk only 9 km's as for some reason I was very tired.  However it paid off as I found an excellent private refugio in Tricastela, very welcoming and was so early had time to do a full laundry (and by the way Linda, this included socks!) including towel and for it to dry.  Pilgrims will tell you that one of the problems is washing and drying clothes. Weather continues to be sunny but I find I have an issue with my sun cream - sun factor 60. The problem is not so much that it does not protect my skin, more that after I have put it on, I look as though I'm auditioning for a part in Madam Butterfly!  This is all well and good but I don't have the matching black hair and kimono - though I suspect a kimono would not be ideal Camino garb.  Eventually got fed up looking like a ghost so bought some lotion instead.  Was gob smacked to discover it was 22 euros! That was more than I spent on accommodation, meal and midday beers/coffees! Vanity how are you!

Yesterday discovered I had been walking in 36 degree heat in the afternoon.  I wondered why I was so frazzled arriving at Villafranca.  So up at 6 this morning and on road by 7 - earliest yet but luckily the searing heat never materialised so managed 30 km's today.  Nearly forgot.  At Samos I met a lady called Margaret.  She is a friend of some ladies I met in the Confraternity office in London and apparently they had told her to look out for me.  Thank you for that it was really great to meet a friendly face -don't get me wrong there are lots of friendly people on the Camino but someone who is looking for you is something else.  Alas we were only to have a quick chat but it was a precious one.

Now tucking into great grub in a restaurant in Molinaseca.  Hope to get to Rabanal tomorrow though this might be too ambitious as I have nearly 1000 metres to climb to the highest point on the Camino Frances then a few hundreds to descend before I get there.  Still who knows - my legs and feet might hold out!  By the way, if you have not already done so, please consider donating!  OK plug over.  Take care all.
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