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Posting 1:  30/03/2006.  (Prologue)

Well here I am at about 3 in the morning on Thurs 30th March.  The boat was delayed so instead of boarding at 21:00, it was after 2 in the morning before I took possession of my cabin.  The last few weeks have been manic what with preparations for the show, which was very successful but highly stressful!, then late yesterday I came to the conclusion that I would have to stay up all night to finish preparations for the pilgrimage.  In fact by midnight I was so tired I needed to sleep so went to bed.  Got up about 4 am (so have been up for 24 hrs now).  I needed to be in London by midday to meet someone for lunch but by 9:30 I still had not packed the rucksack!  Anyway somehow I managed to pack in about 15 minutes and get all the other paperwork stuff done in time to catch the 11:04 train, which got me to my lunch date shortly before 12:00.  I was even working on a redesign of the web site diary on the train to London so had the dubious pleasure of carrying a laptop around in a plastic carrier bag.  Anyway met up with Ash at Waterloo so I could do a ‘handover’.Also Barrie came to say cheerio which was great.  Journey to Portsmouth was uneventful so I was somewhat aghast to find out the boat was so delayed.  So much for my great plans to have a chill-out evening on board.  I wonder what the next few days will bring.  I hope to spend 2 days at the Monastery at Zenaruza but it might prove difficult to get there on the Friday as the boat will be several hours late docking at Bilbao, so who knows, perhaps I am destined to only spend 1 day there - or indeed none at all.  With this journey my only certainty is that I do not know what to expect.
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